Снимка на Something Italy.

Снимка на Something Italy.



The Second  Transnational Meeting of the project “ Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”

The second transnational meeting was held in Battipaglia, Italy from 23.04 to 27.04 2018

At this meeting the participants discussed the current implementation of the project and made decisions concerning the next meetings and activities. Each country delivered a report on the implementation and dissemination of the project. Materials, showing the activities already done, were presented.

The participants discussed the online platforms, created for the needs of the project ( site –  and a profile in Etwinning). All students’ performances, presentations, videos of activities are published on the site.

The preparation for the following meetings in Bulgaria, Poland and Slovakia, was discussed as well. The exact dates, themes and activities were clarified.

The participants agreed that all the activities, planned for the first year of the project, had been completed successfully and all the goals had been achieved. They also declared that due to their excellent communication, overcoming any misunderstandings and getting to an agreement is easy, which is very important for a big European project.

A second Memorandum was signed, which regulates the following mobilities of the project.

All the other documents, demanded by the National Agency, were prepared and signed.