4rd Transnational Meeting in Presov  05-10 May 2019


The last transnational meeting was held in Slovakia. The participants were be Greece, Italy, Slovakia and Poland. We presented our collective group work of the project and made a project evaluation and functional target groups.

The most important task was to create our partnership – as part of the project proposal. We considered  that a team of 2 available persons is necessary to devote time to the cooperation project. Working in cooperation at coordinating level is essential for a smooth implementation of the cooperative project work.

This means that coordinating a transnational project ensures that the project moves forward smoothly and ensures the good communication flow between the partners involved in the project.

A team of at least 2 persons is essential because there are many tasks to be accomplished such as:

  • technical competence to provide sufficient information flow to both sides inside the partnership
  • providing the partners with sufficient time to get ready to be involved in the cooperation actions.
  • sharing work as conversant in foreign language in order to communicate with all partners, animate and stimulate the good involvement organizing travel plans with students